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Property Management Services


Property Management Services

Managing your NYC property while away could be quite time-consuming and often difficult when you don't have someone onsite to handle the day to day. My team and I can help set your mind at ease. 
Our services focus on the maintenance of the property itself, while making sure all the practicalities of running the home are taken care of whether you are in residence, or away. Protecting the integrity and safety of your home requires regular observation and maintenance. You can rest assured that your property is being well taken care of and that someone is always available to handle any issues that can arise from home repairs to bill handling.
Below are some of the services we offer. We adapt our services according to your needs. After an initial consultation, we will create a property management package designed specifically for your property.


Property Management Services including but not limited to:

  • Assisting with airbnb/rentals
  • Home security monitoring and property checks
  • Interior design and furnishing service
  • Attended management visits (for 3rd party works)
  • Housekeeping staff procurement, training, and management
  • Planning and development project management
  • House/apartment sitting
  • Home preparation, welcoming and closing
  • Mail watch
  • 24 hour first response
  • Contractor works

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