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Let's Plan Brooklyn!

When you travel you only have "X" amount of time, so you want and need to get it right. My name is Oscar and I’m at your service here in Williamsburg. I will help with restaurant recommendations and reservations, assist in planning a special occasion moment, make suggestions for shopping, art, music and nightlife. I can also recommend hotels and an explanation of the areas you may be considering airbnb-ing or renting in. Together we will create a custom bespoke itinerary for your best Brooklyn experience. I specialize in Williamsburg and fringe neighborhoods like Greenpoint and Bushwick. I also consult on daytrips and surrounding beaches in the summertime.

Bloddy Mary Enids

Brunch & Munch

Brunch is de rigeuer on the weekend and during the week for those so lucky.  The Bloody Mary is key or a signature champagne cocktail to get the afternoon going wether you want to shop and sip or just plain old sit and sip. Every sip you take and every snack you chomp, you won't go wrong.

Williamsburg Flea


The shops in Brooklyn range from bespoke boutiques that feature independent designers to thrift stores, craft fairs and flea markets full of one-of-a-kind finds. Recently some chain retailers and high end shops have arrived if that suits your fashion fiending for men and women.



Bring your appetite! If food is your thing, any belly whims will be satisfied here. Choose a food truck, diner, gastro pub, chic bistro or fine dining. Remember, dining does not have to be expensive in Brooklyn for it to be good. So, I'm always on the hunt for a great place to eat. I probably have eaten there so ask me anything... food related.


Art Scene

Everywhere you walk there is art around you. The grafitti and the murals abound in Brooklyn. Artists were some of the first to populate the fringe neighborhoods that are hot today. Bushwhick Studio days and MOMA PS1 are happening in the summertime with DJ's galore. A must is also The Brooklyn Museum which has ever changing exhibits and a world class permanent collection. 


Guadalupe Inn

Music & nightlife

Brooklyn nightlife is on every night of the week. The music scene is diverse from Hip-Hop to Bluegrass. Neighborhood bars abound with surprisingly friendly service. If cocktails are your taste find a classy shaker drink almost anywhere you turn. If nightclubbing is your thing, take a disco nap now. I'll lead you in the funnest direction. 


Coffee shops

Coffee is the blood that runs this borough. There is a knit cap cool coffeeshop on every other block in Brooklyn. And there is nothing more Brooklyn than getting a cup of coffee, finding a spot and using some free wifi. It's practically guaranteed the neighborhood will pass before your eyes on their daily java grind.